Individual Tax Returns

We file individual tax returns that include self employed and home-based businesses.  We engineer their reporting deductions to maximize their tax refunds AND minimize their self-employed tax bill! We offer hand held AI apps to easily record & maintain their expense and mileage records to prepare those optimized tax returns.

Corporate Tax Returns

We file taxes for corporate entities of LLC's; Sub 'S' and 'C' Corps; and Partnerships. Again on the small businesses or the start up businesses, we engineer their deductions to lower their self-employment taxes (15.3% currently) and still benefit from the new 20% QBI reductions for flow-through corporations.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Filers

Unlike many online DIY programs, we not only offer an Artificial Intelligent program that is quick, easy, and accurate way to keep your bookkeeping & mileage records. It also was developed to provide the lowest possible tax bill for you. Fees involved range anywhere from a FREE return for the simplest returns to a $55 maximum cost return for a small business return.


Engineering for college planning, to TAX FREE Retirement Income.

Personal tax engineering leads itself to plug into college planning as the children reach college age; and then into tax-free income at retirement. To learn more - call 813-638-1300!

College, Tax & Retirement Solutions - One Stop Shop

Since we have already gathered your financial data over the years, we don't need to share this information with other entities to produce the lowest possible EPC (Expected Family Contribution) as the kids are choosing and funding their college education when submitting the FAFSA.


Next Steps...

Whether you're looking for a tax review or finding scholarships and student loans for your children's college choice, CALL ME AT: 813-638-1300